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Analisis Musical de Oxygeno 2

Iniciado por #DIV/0, 14 de Abril de 2011, 04:35:40 PM

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Esto acaba de aparecer en el conocido blog de musica Synthopia:

Un tal Thierry Lebon (tinet37) nos enseña una verdadera clase maestra de como hacer este emblematico tema de Jarre con minimos recursos y maximo resultado. (minimos segun él, porque a mi no me parece tan minimo tener un Roland SH-101)

A musical analysis of Oxygene 2 - Jean Michel Jarre - Part 0/4 : Rythmics, by Thierry Lebon

Thierry Lebon put together this detailed, multi-part analysis of Jean Michel Jarre's classic Oxygene 2, recreating it with inexpensive software and minimal gear:

    Here I will show you that you can break that song down into its instrument tracks , and perform an acoustic analysis of each and every sound.

    I will show you that it is possible to reproduce that with a cheap minimal equipment, just by ear and instinct, with no scores, no MIDI file, no computer. All is hand played except for rythmics part ... this is real music recorded with my "old school" method !

    In this first part, I try to reproduce the rythm played in the original JMJ's Oxygene, with the Korg MiniPops 7 ; here, I used a standalone free application called Rythmus by ElektroStudio. In that software, you can adjust the volume of each sounds, the pan, the tune, the volume and the global tempo ; 2 presets are used simultaneously : Beguin and Slow Rock for Oxygene 2.

A musical analysis of Oxygene 2 - JMJ - Part 1/4 : check-up equipment, by Thierry Lebon

In the second section, Lebon does a basic test:

this is a basic test : I will show you that it's possible to play Oxygene 2 with minimal equipment : 2 synths, 2 effects, one VSTi ... here 4 tracks are tested : phased wind (sh-101 + small stone) ; sequence 1 : internal sequencer of the sh-101 + memory boy ; rythmus by elektrostudio ; mellotron tape choir and bass (Alesis Fusion 8hd)

A musical analysis of Oxygene 2 - JMJ - Part 2/4 : "light cover" by Thierry Lebon

Next up:

How to make a soft version of Oxygene 2 with minimal equipment : only 2 synths !

All is hand and by ear played .This is a very "light" cover ! I recorded 10 audio tracks with Presonus Studio One, but without automation and I have to add 2 tracks for noises with the Roland SH-101.

I only use Rythmus (by ElektroStudio), Alesis Fusion 8 HD, Roland SH-101, Electro-Harmonix Small Stone (Phaser) and Memory Boy (Tape Delay).

A musical analysis of Oxygene 2 - JMJ - Part 3/4 : Final Cover by Thierry Lebon

In Part 3/4, the final cover:

One Alesis Fusion 8 HD + one Roland SH-101 + one Electro-Harmonix Small Stone + one Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy + software Rythmus by ElektroStudio, one USB AudioBox Presonus + Studio One + very much time to analyze = one cover of Oxygene 2 – Jean Michel Jarre, by a non musician, newbie in music, but working by ear and all hand played with errors on tempo and fingers position, ... so SORRY for mistakes !

A musical analysis of Oxygene 2 - JMJ - Part 4/4 : sounds from Roland SH-101 by Thierry Lebon

In part 4/4, Lebon looks at processing effects with analog pedals:

Noises, electronic sounds, effects used in my Cover of Oxygene 2 – Jean Michel Jarre, all sounds go thru analog pedals (E-H Small Stone Phaser and Memory Boy)

Finally, Lebon demonstrates the main Alesis Fusion 8 HD sounds:

Main Samples, sounds, keys and chords used with the Alesis Fusion 8 HD to make my Final Cover of Oxygene 2 – Jean Michel Jarre


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Que fácil parece viendo esos videos  :-D :roll:

Aparte del Roland SH-101 cuanto hay que gastar para tener ese mínimo de equipos  :?


Juasssss!!! Siempre sospeché que la base rítmica de Oxygene 2 era una rumba :-D Y las de Oxygene 4 y 6 capaz de venir también de la rumba.